I’m pleased to announce the release of my new web series, DAY JOB! Day Job was inspired by my 5-year stint working at a high-powered New York City law firm while pursuing comedy. Each episode is simply a moment or feeling that the job gave me. There’s no real narrative here, just snapshots of what it’s like working at a job you hate – while pursuing what you love. When you hear comedians talk about their failures at “normal” jobs, you often hear how they got fired or failed miserably, thus making comedy the “only choice.” For me, it was a little different. For some bizarre reason, I was good at this job. I had a knack for spreadsheets and calculating damages for securities fraud cases. I guess somewhere along the way in my upbringing, I was taught to work hard no matter what your job is. (Or maybe I learned it from Stanley in UHF, I don’t know.) I’m not trying to toot my own horn here: having this work ethic actually made things really hard for me. I was constantly having to fight the urge to settle into this job, to give up on the dream, and crunch numbers for a living (which is totally legit, if that’s your passion). I could make good money, go home to my friends and family, have a house, a car…the whole thing. I was exhausted from working long hours and doing shows at night. It was my first New York experience. All of it was stressful. And a stable day job can feel like a warm comforting blanket. But it’s dangerous; it can lull you into sleepwalking through life. Fortunately, I woke up.

Anyway, we decided to release it all at once, Netflix-style. Or Beyonce-style. Whatever reference works for you. The point is: go ahead and binge watch all eight episodes!

This was the first project under my new Little BoBo Productions. Little BoBo is an idea I cooked up with the very talented Scott Moran. We will be releasing new projects in the coming months. Get excited!

Finally, some really talented people helped out on Day Job, so here are some credits:

Directed by Scott Moran
Executive Producers: Kim Armstrong & Sara Schaefer
Producer: Brian Hoff
Director of Photography: John Campbell
Edited by Anthony Miale
Production Coordinator: Victoria Millin
Written by Sara Schaefer
Starring Sara Schaefer
Ann Carr as LINDA
Danny Rouhier as GARY
Will Hines as FRANK
Dan Soder as BRAD
Subhah Agarwal as LISA
Katina Corrao as EMILY
Elaine Liebmann as JOAN
Justin Shanes as COWORKER 1
Jenny Rubin as COWORKER 2
Sound: Rich Buongurio
Gaffer: David Granito
Production Assistant: Andrew Koller
Production Assistant: Blythe Roberson
Production Assistant: Frank Fernandez
Production Assistant / Make Up: Emily Cooper
Opening Theme Music by Ben Kronberg