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Taco At The Sausage Party

Over the past few months, I’ve been lucky to get interviewed a lot (lucky, because it means I have something

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Addendum: Submitting To A Late Night Show

I was surprised and really humbled to find that so many people appreciated and enjoyed my post about submitting to

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Things To Consider When Submitting To Write For A Late Night Show!

This past fall, I had the amazing privilege of hiring a writing staff for my upcoming TV show, Nikki &

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Tiny Pieces of Chocolate for Women

Here is a video of me doing a standup comedy joke. I don’t have a lot of video of me

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Soon I Will Be Hosting a Television Program

Last week, my podcast co-host Nikki Glaser and I were finally able to announce something we’d known for a few

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The Iddy Biddy Teeny Tiny Stand Up Tour

For the past ten years, I’ve been working at jobs that have kept me anchored behind a desk in New

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Advice to a Young Comedian (& Myself)

I’ve been doing comedy for ten years now, and I guess along the way I’ve made a little name for

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12. Fancy Dining

Road Journal: Tiny Mansions

Ever since seeing Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, I have wanted to visit the Chicago Art Institute, mainly to get lost

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Adele’s Ex-Boyfriend

When Adele swept the Grammys for her smash hit album “21,” there’s one person she forgot to thank: the ex-boyfriend

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The Taper

Here is a video I wrote, directed, and edited. It is a cop show about a cop whose only job

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