We’re having a very special live edition of my podcast, You Had To Be There, at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre on Wednesday, July 6, at 8 pm! It’s our 25th show celebration! Why 25? If you’ve been listening, you know that my co-host (Nikki Glaser) and I got a pretty mean review after just a couple episodes. After calling us whore-ish and boring (boring whores!), he said we were destined to fail by episode 25. As Hannibal Buress pointed out on one of our episodes, it’s kind of hard to be canceled / fail if you’re doing the podcast yourself. Anyway, I say all this not to give that jerk any power, but to say: GUESS WHAT BUDDY? We are going to do 25 episodes, and, in triumphant defiance, we are gonna do it up right. Episode 25 will be at one of the coolest venues in New York (dare I say the world?), and we’ve already got some great guests lined up – which we will be announcing soon.¬† So for now: save the date! When tickets are available I will let the world know. Oh, and in the meantime, have you even started listening to the podcast yet? It’s easy:

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Let’s do this.

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  1. Any chance you will be making a west coast appearance in the near future? It would be really fantastic to see you live!

    1. Hey! I am just figuring out the commenting on my website. Just saw this. I am doing some shows in LA Sep 9 and 11. Are you near there?

  2. 25 & not live? Waiting for the post. At least give us some hints…
    Hey do u know Lindsey an intern at snl? He also lives brooklyn

    Love you podcast and u r getting better at it…

    Waiting to hear the big 25 – Jeanne in San Diego

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