A couple of days ago, my podcast partner in crime Nikki Glaser and I set out to make the most important video of our time. A video imploring Justin Timberlake to make music again. We had the help of some very talented friends: Rachel Feinstein, Carmen Lynch, Jessie Cantrell, Kurt Braunohler, Nick Turner, Cory Cavin, Katie East, Phoebe Robinson, and Sydney Colburn. Findlay Parke shot it and Andrew Koller (who is the sound guy on our podcast) ran sound. All in all it was a very fun shoot. For two days straight afterwards, I edited it furiously so we could get it out to the world. Today, we posted it, hoping that people would like it. The response has been great so far – and well, I pretty much instantaneously climaxed when a friend told me that JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE tweeted it and put it on his Facebook wall. My voice then immediately went up four octaves, and I developed a severe case of the shakes. When writing the video, Nikki and I always talked about how serious we were about the concept. In fact, we had previously engaged in several, lengthy discussions about our feelings on the subject, so the whole thing just came naturally. So, to have Justin think it was funny, AND be comfortable enough with himself to share it with the world, well, I’d be inclined to say my work here is done…but in fact, it’s just begun. WATCH, SHARE…and may Justin make a new album forthwith!

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