Ever since seeing Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, I have wanted to visit the Chicago Art Institute, mainly to get lost in the eyes of a little girl in Seurat’s famous La Grande Jatte painting. But when I finally got the chance, I stumbled upon something much better. In the basement, there are 68 miniature rooms. I have long been obsessed with tiny things and dollhouses, so when I saw a sign that said “Miniature Rooms” I was like “I don’t give a shit WHAT that is but I’m going down there.” I probably spent a full hour in this exhibit. Here are some pictures. I was gonna do a “guess which one of these rooms is normal-sized” thing, but honestly it’s just too amazing and perfect for me to try and be clever about it. I’m just sharing this out of the sheer joy it brought me. In the end, my experience at the museum wasn’t all that different from Cameron’s.

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