Here is a video of me doing a standup comedy joke. I don’t have a lot of video of me doing standup on-line. Partly because I am incredibly insecure about my standup and partly because I was hoping to save some of this stuff for TV. But I’m done fretting about all that. Mostly, I just want it to be seen by more people, because I’ve worked very hard on it for many years. I’m not sure I’m all that good, and I’ll forever be chasing that perfect video of me performing. But I figured it was time to open up a little and let people see where I’m at with it. I’ll be posting a joke per week for a few weeks. Enjoy!

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  1. A) You made me pee my pants a little. I have kind of a geriatric bladder, but it still takes something fucking hilarious to make me pee a little. I’m pretty sure that is the reaction I have when I eat the Doritos Tacos Locos!

    2) I just want to tell you how much I look up to you. I am just barely starting my journey into the world as a funny ass chick, and it is because of chicks like you that yell, YOU CAN DO THIS TOO! I have no idea what I am doing, but my goal is to be where you are one day! So yeah..thanks, dude!


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