Here are some videos.

A clip from my half hour special on Comedy Central Stand Up Presents 2019. (Full episode is available to cable subscribers here.)


My Appearance on John Oliver’s New York Stand Up Show

My web series Woman Online.

My web series Day Job.

Meeting Justin Timberlake

Some Stand Up!

Fun Fun Real

Celebrity Touching at The Movie Awards

Fifty Shades of Grey Audition Tapes

Magic Mike Neighbors

Pretty Little Liars Telenovela

For more videos from Nikki & Sara Live, go here.

Tiny Pieces of Chocolate for Women

Justin Timberlake PSA

The Taper
I wrote and directed this.

Here’s me telling a story about something that happened in middle school.

Secret Ambition
This is what I do in my free time.

Demo Reel
This is mostly from my days at AOL and some TV stuff I did a while back. It’s old! Judge me!