Tiny Pieces of Chocolate for Women

Here is a video of me doing a standup comedy joke. I don’t have a lot of video of me doing standup on-line. Partly because I am incredibly insecure about my standup and partly because I was hoping to save some of this stuff for TV. But I’m done fretting about all that. Mostly, I […]

Adele’s Ex-Boyfriend

When Adele swept the Grammys for her smash hit album “21,” there’s one person she forgot to thank: the ex-boyfriend who inspired one of the greatest breakup albums of all time, Dan. And now, Dan has released his own album: “DAN 21”! This video was made possible by: Jon Murray (Dan), Nikki Glaser, Sara Schaefer, […]

Justin Timberlake PSA

A couple of days ago, my podcast partner in crime Nikki Glaser and I set out to make the most important video of our time. A video imploring Justin Timberlake to make music again. We had the help of some very talented friends: Rachel Feinstein, Carmen Lynch, Jessie Cantrell, Kurt Braunohler, Nick Turner, Cory Cavin, […]

The Taper

Here is a video I wrote, directed, and edited. It is a cop show about a cop whose only job is to put up police tape. I’m very pleased with the results, though as I learn each time I produce a video, working with a zero-dollar budget is quite the challenge. Nevertheless, with the help […]


I have a small cameo in this video by one of my comedy heroes, Ted Alexandro. It’s about the United States of America and if you don’t watch it, you’re most likely a terrorist. Happy 4th of July!