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Woman Online

I produced, wrote, and starred in a new web series for Seriously.TV, called Woman Online. In it, I explore what it’s

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Day Job

I’m pleased to announce the release of my new web series, DAY JOB! Day Job was inspired by my 5-year

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My Favorite NSL Moments

Here are some of my favorite moments from Nikki & Sara Live. We had an amazing two seasons, and everyone

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Tiny Pieces of Chocolate for Women

Here is a video of me doing a standup comedy joke. I don’t have a lot of video of me

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Adele’s Ex-Boyfriend

When Adele swept the Grammys for her smash hit album “21,” there’s one person she forgot to thank: the ex-boyfriend

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Justin Timberlake PSA

A couple of days ago, my podcast partner in crime Nikki Glaser and I set out to make the most

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The Taper

Here is a video I wrote, directed, and edited. It is a cop show about a cop whose only job

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I have a small cameo in this video by one of my comedy heroes, Ted Alexandro. It’s about the United

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